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50+ Best Hard Riddles (With Answers) for Kids

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50+ Best Hard Riddles (With Answers) for Kids

Riddles:- A man in a car can see three doors: a Bronze door, a silver door and a golden door, which door should he open first?

Answer:- His car door.

Riddles:- A man is walking along a railroad track and sees a train rushing two word him full steam ahead. Instead of immediately getting away from the track, the man runs in the direction of the train for about 15 feet and only the engines of the track. Why does he do this?

Answer:- When the man saw the train, he was on a bridge. That’s why he could not leave the track Right way.

Riddles:– Imagine you are in a sinking boat surrounded by sharks. How can we use server?

Answer:- Stop imagining right now!

Riddles:- In South America you cannot take a picture of a person with the wooden leg. Why not?

Answer:- Because it’s impossible to take a picture with wooden leg; it’s not a camera!

Riddles:- What’s the most popular book among both Teens and adults these days?

Answer:- Facebook

Riddles:- Why can’t a pirate ever finish the alphabet?

Answer:- He always gets lost at “c”!

Riddles:- There are 12 fish in a bawl, but half of them drowned. How many hour left?

Answer:- Still 12; fish don’t drown

Riddles:- I have clawed but I’m not a bear. I have wings but I’m not a bird. I have scales but I’m not a reptile. Who I am?

Answer:- A Dragonfly

Riddles:- What do you call a snail on a boat?

Answer:- A snailor!

Riddles:- My mom is a dog. My dad is banana. who am I?

Answer:- A Chiweenie!

Riddles:- Where can you see how popular are spider is?

Answer:- On a web-site

Riddles:- When you get me, I can either biryani painful aur super delicious drink, what am I?

Answer:- punch

Riddles:- Can you write “eleven thousand eleven hundred and eleven” in digits?

Answer:- 12,111[Because 11,000+1,100+11= 12,111]

Riddles:- I fit really well others but I can’t talk. I create pictures but I can’t see. What am I?

Answer:- A puzzle piece.

Riddles:- All five sisters are busy. Rose is a drawing, ann is cooking, Liza is playing chess, and Mary is doing a puzzle. What’s Samantha doing?

Samantha is playing chess with Liza.

Riddles:- I’m busy to lift but hard to throw. What am I?

Answer:- A feather

Riddles:- Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road?

Answer:- it Ran out of juice.

Riddles:- What’s black and white and red all over?

Answer:- A zebra with a sunburn.

Riddles:- What kind of silence is bad for your ears?

Answer:- Deafening silence, of course.

Riddles:- What did the left hand say to the right hand after They’d written a test?

Answer:- “why do you always have to be right.

Riddles:- I’M a Five-latter word that’s under you. But if you remove my first letter, I’ll be over you. And if you take away my firstand second letter, I’ll be around you. What am I?

Answer:- Chair

Riddles:- What word do all Dictionaries spell wrong?

Answer:- Wrong

Riddles:- What does a rain could put on under it’s raincoat?

Answer:- Its thunderwear

Riddles:- Why is Europe like a frying pan?

Answer:- Because there’s are Greece at the bottom.

Riddles:- What trade it’s never ever on time?

Answer:- Choco-late

Riddles:- Why should not you tell a joke on ice?

Answer:- Because it will crack up!

Riddles:- I’M vital for life, yet I can take your breath away. I’M both around you time nahin and in new. what am I?

Answer:- Water

Riddles:- What hard rock group consists of four guys, None of whom play a single instrument?

Answer:- mouth rush more

Riddles:- I can bring I smile to your face, a tier to your eye, and a thought to your mind. What am I?

Answer:- Your Past

Riddles:- I start with T, and with T and I am full of T. What am I?

Answer:- A teapot

Riddles:- My life is measured in hours. I serve by dying. When I’M thin, I’M fast. When I’M fat, I’M slow. Wind is my biggest enemy. What am I?

Answer:- A candle

Riddles:- What’s your but is used more often by your friend and family?

Answer:- Your name

Riddles:- I always drive my customers away. who am I?

Answer:- A taxi driver

Riddles:- How did the sheriff find the missing barber?

Answer:- He combed the town

Riddles:- The more you take, the more is left behind you. What is it?

Answer:- Footsteps

Riddles:- What room do ghosts avoid?

Answer:- The living room.

Riddles:- What’s black when you but it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away?

Answer:- Charcoal

Riddles:- Can you rearrange the letters O O U S W T D N E J R to spell just one word?

Answer:- Just one word

Riddles:- What’s more useful when it’s broken?

Answer:- An egg.

Riddles:- They have no features, no scales, no flesh, and no bone. Yet they somehow have fingers and thumbs of their own. what are they?

Answer:- A pair of gloves

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Riddles:- Poor people have it, rich people need it, but if you eat it, you will die. What is it?

Answer:- Nothing

Riddles:- What did Mrs. claus say to her husband when she looked at the sky?

Answer:- It looks like rain, “dear”

Riddles:- I’M full of holes but I can still hold water. What am I?

Answer:- a sponge.

Riddles:- I can be made, and I can be cracked. I can also be told and played. What am I?

Answer:- A joke

Riddles:- You are freezing. But you have three stoves: A wood stove, a coal stove, and a gas stove. What should you like it first?

Answer:- A match

Riddle: When I am needed by you, you throw me away, but when I’m of no use, you take me back. What am I?

Answer: An anchor.

Riddle: Humans purchase me to eat but then never eat me. What am I?

Answer: Plates and silverware.

Riddle: A man runs away from home, turns left three times, and ends up back at home facing a man in a mask. Who is wearing the mask?

Answer: The man in the mask is a catcher because this is a game of baseball.

Riddle: I fly without wings and cry without eyes. Wherever I lead, darkness follows. What could I be?

Answer: A cloud.

Riddle: First you throw away the outside and cook the inside and then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What am I?

Answer: Corn on the cob.

Riddle: The answer is “yes” but the intent means “no”. What is the question?

Answer: “Do you mind?”

Riddle: I am a five-letter word and people eat me. If you remove the first letter I become an energy form. If you remove the first two letters, I am needed to live. Scramble the last three letters and I am a drink. What word am I?

Answer: Wheat (heat, eat, tea).

Riddle: We hurt without moving and poison without touching. We bear truth and lies but are no judged by size. What are we?

Answer: Words.

हेलो दोस्तों मेरा नाम अनिल है और मैं इस वेबसाइट का Author हूं. पूरे इंटरनेट पर यह एकमात्र ऐसी वेबसाइट है जो लगातार हिंदी भाषा में आपको ऐसी ज्ञानवर्धक की चीजें provide कर रही है और आगे भी करती रहेगी. मेरी आपसे विनती है आप इस वेबसाइट के बारे में अपने दोस्तों को बताना ना भूलें मेरा मतलब है जितनी भी हो सके माउथ पब्लिसिटी करें ताकि आपके साथ साथ दूसरे लोग भी यह सारे ज्ञानवर्धक तथ्य पढ़ सकें .

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